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Quality Assurance Specialist (Ammo)

Cruz Associates Inc. of Yorktown, VA has an open position and is looking for qualified candidates for a Quality Assurance Specialist (Ammo). The job location is at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Indian Head, MD.  Interested applicants should apply by clicking the following link:  Quality Assurance Specialist (Ammo), completing the online application and uploading their resumes. 

Scope: Qualified Quality Assurance Specialist supports the work of other NSWC IHEODTD activities, vendors, participating industrial and government activities and the Naval Surface Warfare Center and Naval Air Systems Command.  Provides Command expertise in metals parts, measuring techniques, and quality as a part in the product assurance inspections process. Provides technical expertise and consultation, and is the central review point for discrepant quality evidence and contact point for coordination of quality verification efforts.  Specialist shall be subject to physical examinations and certification requirements.  


  • Interpret drawings and sketches; using Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing in evaluating parts and interpreting drawings.
  • Evaluate current inspection methods and procedures for accuracy, effectiveness, and productivity. Performs many of the difficult and complicated inspections on weapons, materials and test equipment procured, purchased, produced, modified, or repaired by the Command.
  • Perform technical evaluation to select up to date inspection equipment, techniques, and methods.
  • Coordinate testing of all first article samples. Works with other Divisions within the Department and with other departments. Completes reports and prepares a comprehensive report for the customer.
  • Set up and program various computer controlled equipment used in part measurement and physical evaluation of materials.
  • Monitor the performance of the inspection equipment and the data generated.
  • Demonstrate good communication and interpersonal skills and assists floor leader in providing advice and assistance to the other inspectors in the Branch.
  • Develop inspection procedures and plans to use by contractor personnel problems.
  • Act as the Command representative to the outside sources involved whether it is another government facility or a private contractor by providing special field advice and assistance visits.
  • Provide technical assistance to Vendor Control and Supply by field advice and meetings with vendors and other government facilities and to evaluate the capability of the vendor to produce the material in question.
  • Participate in the Pre‐Award Surveys and Post‐Award Surveys to evaluate the capability of the Command’s vendors and when called upon by the Fleet Analysis Center.
  • Perform spot‐checks of SIPs, QATIPs, and other inspections of materials for adequacy and thoroughness. Recommends changes where conditions warrant changes and researches and drafts Standard Inspection Procedures used in the receipt inspection of hardware.

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • Technical expertise in the field of manufactured parts that enables the incumbent to provide advisory services to coworkers, customers, and vendors. Extensive knowledge of the design and materials being used in manufacturing a wide variety of ordnance items to develop and evaluate inspection procedures.
  • Extensive knowledge of Programming and the usage of computer controlled measuring equipment. Thorough knowledge of CMM including programming, operating, and interpreting data.
  • Working knowledge of qualifying vendors and Qualified Bidders List (QBL). Working knowledge of Aerospace parts.Working knowledge of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (ASME Y 14.5) and the ability to apply it using up to date inspection techniques to perform inspections.
  • Working knowledge of various plating/protective finishing processes.
  • Understanding/knowledge of various heat treating and material hardening techniques and electro plating.
  • Broad knowledge of practices and procedures of other activities such as contracting, engineering, safety, and production to coordinate verification efforts.
  • Skill in applying a variety of methods and techniques for investigating, analyzing, and correcting quality problems.
  • Secret security clearance or Interim Secret required.