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Mission Equipment Subsystem and System Integration Support

K-Cruz of Yorktown, VA ( is looking for qualified candidates for a Mission Equipment Subsystem and System Integration Support position.  The position is focused on Aircraft Survivability Equipment.  The job location is Joint Base Langley Eustis (JBLE), Virginia in support of the Technology Applications Program Office (TAPO).  Interested applicants should apply at the following link: Mission Equipment Subsystem and System Integration Support and submit their application and resume.

Scope: Provide subject matter support services for special operations aircraft (SOA)-peculiar mission equipment being procured/upgraded and fielded by the TAPO, as well as US Army common mission equipment provided by the Army and being integrated and fielded by TAPO. Successful performance requires knowledge of the component and aircraft level qualification requirements and ability of interfacing effectively with aircraft systems integrators and systems engineers. Mission equipment includes one or more of the following: avionics (including aviation networking) hardware and software, aircraft survivability equipment (ASE) (active radio frequency and infrared countermeasures, passive infrared signature reduction equipment, etc.), sensor equipment (electro-optical, infrared, radar, laser, etc), and weapons equipment (machine guns, rockets, missiles, and targeting/sighting systems).


  • Provides technical, analytical, and program management support for MH-47, MH-60, and A/MH-6 helicopter mission equipment programs.
  • Establishes and tracks metrics as they relate to cost, schedule and performance with each mission equipment integration effort.
  • Interprets, refines and integrates user requirements as they relate to the development process. 
  • Assists in all technical reviews associated with mission equipment integration efforts. 
  • Independently estimates and evaluates cost and schedule and monitors vendor compliance with stated requirements. 
  • Independently identifies potential risks and suggests appropriate courses of action should technical issues arise or user requirements change.

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • Minimum of 15 years experience working in military aviation is required.
  • 10 years of which involved acquisition experience (supporting definition, development, qualification, and fielding of equipment) with aircraft mission equipment as required for each delivery order (avionics) hardware and software, ASE, sensor equipment, and weapons equipment).
  • Minimum of 10 years of experience working in SOA is highly desired.
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience working in an aviation program management office is highly desired.
  • Bachelor's degree in a technical field is highly desired.
  • Master's degree in management or technical field is desired.
  • Secret or Interim Secret security clearance is required for all types of mission equipment support except for ASE support which requires a Top Secret clearance.