Cruz Associates prides itself on the family-owned culture that is the essence of all our activities and professional relationships. Our people are undeniably our single most important asset. At Cruz, we nurture the relationship among our employees and our customers through accessibility, honesty, and respect.

People First and Foremost

  • Recruit and Retain World-Class Employees
    CAI employees are an elite team of technical professionals dedicated to exceeding
    customer expectations. Working for CAI presents opportunities for challenging work, professional development and the opportunity to support a greater cause- the safety and security of our nation.
  • Empowered Workforce
    At CAI, innovation is encouraged, and actions that generate value and cost-savings for the customer are rewarded.
  • Outstanding Compensation
    Our employees are our most valuable assets. CAI offers an exceptionally
    competitive compensation package.
  • Generous Fringe Package
    Beyond compensation, work-life balance for all employees is a key component of
    CAI’s family and relationship-driven culture. [Click here] to read more about the
    benefits of working for CAI.


  • Significant Contributions to Meaningful Missions
    CAI serves our customer, and our nation as a whole, in the provision of technical
  • Unparalleled Technical Excellence
    From our founder, Iggy Cruz, to our entire team of professionals today, CAI maintains a matchless level of professional performance and on-going improvement that positions our customers for successful missions every day.
  • Corporately Responsive to Evolving Customer Needs
    Communication is key to customer responsiveness. CAI maintains on-going efforts to assess the changing needs of our customers and stands ready to provide
    the most technologically advanced solutions for customer projects.


  • Over 1000 Years of Special Operations Aviation Experience
    CAI is comprised of a highly skilled team of quiet professionals who have served in
    the same capacity that many of our customers do today. CAI understands the specific needs of the service professionals working in the field today.
  • Over 1500 Years of Department of Defense Expertise
    CAI maintains an extensive network of Subject Matter Experts who are on-call and
    highly responsive to our customers’ technical needs.
  • Heavily Invested in the Community
    Our employees are our most valuable asset, and investing in the community where they live, work and raise their families is a top priority for our firm. CAI is a proud sponsor of a number of charitable organizations including: Hope Exists After Rape Trauma (HEART), the Night Stalker Association (NSA), the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF), the Army Aviation Association of America (AAAA), the Society of Experimental Test Pilots (SETP), and the Association of the United States Army (AUSA).