Cruz Associates delivers proven performance and best value in ordnance operations, the foundation of our company. Cruz’s depth and breadth of experience spans the full spectrum of ordnance safety, engineering, technical support, explosives, and ordnance operations. Since 2005, Cruz has provided ordnance professionals to the Naval Surface Warfare Center and the United States Naval fleet on the Island of Guam.

Ordnance Handling and Management

  • Wharf Operations
  • Ammunition Distribution and Control
  • Magazine Operations and Transportation

Comprehensive Explosives Safety Services

  • Explosives Safety Inspections and Assessments
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Site Plans
  • Waivers and Exemptions
  • Explosives Safety Training: Basics, Supervisory, Electrical, etc.

Facilities Maintenance

  • HVAC Installation and Maintenance
  • Building, Machinery, and Grounds Maintenance


Aviation Life Cycle Support