Cruz Associates is uniquely qualified to load and assemble warheads, bombs and other ordnance items. Cruz also performs limited-scale production and explosives processing. Cruz provides cradle-to-grave support from design through production, including demilitarization and disposal services. Cruz provides engineering and consulting services pertaining to high explosives processing, including chemical and physical analysis as well as non-destructive inspection and testing.

Cruz Associates provides energetic production services to the Unites States Navy at the Naval Weapons Station in Yorktown, Virginia and the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Indian Head, Maryland.

Comprehensive Explosives Safety Services

  • Explosives Safety Inspections/Assessments
  • Standard Operating Procedure Development
  • Qualification and Certification Programs
  • Site Plans
  • Waivers and Exemptions
  • Explosives Safety Training: Basics Training, Supervisory Training, Electrical Training

Energetic Production Processes

  • Pressing
  • Melt-cast
  • Mix-cast
  • Depot-level Rework

Explosives Research and Development Support

  • Explosives Loading and Packaging
  • Technical Publications Management


Aviation Life Cycle Support